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The Southern Folklife Collection

Built around the John Edwards Memorial Collection, the SFC contains over 60,000 sound recordings (78s, 45s, LPs, cassettes, CDs, and field recordings) as well as photographs, song folios, periodicals, and discographical materials. Many prominent scholars have enlarged the holdings, among them Roger Abrahams, Guy and Candie Carawan, Tom Carter, Tom Davenport, Alice Gerrard, Archie Green, D.K. Wilgus, Eleanor Long-Wilgus, Peter Lowry, Ben Gray Lumpkin, Bascom Lamar Lunsford, Judith McCulloh, Alton Morris, Artus Moser, Philip Nussbaum, Blanton Owen, Theodore Rosengarten, Mike Seeger, Jeff Titon, and many faculty and students at the University. The SFC also contains the John M. Rivers, Jr. Preservation Studio and the Ben Jones Studio used for recording and dubbing. It is one of the finest collections of traditional music in the U.S., and its holdings are regularly used by musicians, scholars, journalists, historians, radio and television producers, and many others.

The Ackland Art Museum
In 1978 the Program began a long and fruitful collaboration with the Ackland, the University art museum. That year two graduate students researched, organized, and wrote the catalogue for an exhibition of “North Carolina Country Quilts.” The success of this exhibition led to the formation of a collection of North Carolina folk art—pottery, decoys, carvings, paintings. Two more ambitious undertakings soon followed: “The Traditional Pottery of North Carolina” (1981) and “Five North Carolina Folk Artists” (1986). Both included extensive catalogues, and the former attracted a record number of visitors. The Ackland also hosts traveling exhibits (such as “Who’d A Thought It,” featuring African American quilts from the Oakland area), and folklorists assist in programming in the form of workshops, lectures, and performances.

The Center for the Study of the American South
Founded in 1992, the CSAS continues the University’s long tradition of leadership in the study of Southern history, literature, and culture. Through a variety of programs and publications, the CSAS sponsors a broad dialogue on challenges to life in the South. Recent conferences include “Heritage Tourism for North Carolina and the South: Community Preservation, Promotion, and Progress” and the North Carolina Literary Festival. The Center publishes a journal entitled Southern Cultures and a research series entitled the Southern Research Report. CSAS has also begun posting recordings of important lectures delivered at UNC in the “multimedia” section of its site.

The American Religious Tunebook Collection
At the core are the Annabel Morris Buchanan Collection and the Don Yoder Collection, two major collections of Southern, German-American, and other American songbooks. The Library has continued to make additional purchases of books and microfilms to enlarge this important resource for American religious folk music. Located in the Rare Book Collection, Wilson Library.

The Southern Historical Collection
With more than sixteen million manuscripts and photographs, the SHC contains numerous materials of folkloric interest: the papers of Annabel Morris Buchanan, John C. and Olive Dame Campbell, Paul Green, Richard Jente, Howard Odum, the Penn School, the Southern Oral History Program, and others.